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3. 1. WLC - Warehousing Logistics Company - South Sudan

About Us

Warehousing Logistics Company (WLC) is South Sudan's premier storage and logistics company. Incorporated in 2008, WLC has established itself as the trusted partner for warehousing and support services to the humanitarian and corporate sectors. The primary 16 acre compound is situated on the Juba Bypass in Lologo, 2kms from Freedom Bridge. A secondary site is located in Gumbo.


WLC's sister company, Jebel Aviation Logistics (JAL), is located at Juba International Airport. Incorporated in 2021, Jebel Aviation Logistics is South Sudan's first Fixed-Base Operation (FBO), providing international standard aeronautical and storage solutions.

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WLC's main 16 acre compound consists of 7,760 sq.m of warehousing space. The warehouses range from 200 sq.m - 1,500 sq.m in size, with temperature controlled options available. Additionally, we provide Mobile Storage Units (MSUs) and outdoor space for client-specific developments, as well as a suite of functional equipment such as forklifts and tele-handlers.

Focus On Quality


We source all of structural materials from trusted steel suppliers in Nairobi. All of the materials are fabricated according to international production codes, and the structures are erected by professional construction companies with mandatory high-quality finishes.

Service Delivery

With over 15 years of regional logistics delivery experience, we understand what our clients need. WLC is furthermore ISO 9001:2015 certified, with an internationally-recognised Quality Management System (QMS) in place.


We operate a 150 kWp solar system, that can provide up to 40% of WLC's power mix. Aside from structural materials, we source everything else locally, reducing our procurement carbon footprint. A waste management system is scheduled for 2023.

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